Collegio San Carlo Roma

International Ecclesiastical College Of St. Charles Borromeo

Life Disciplinary


About the Community services :

In the ' Rules ' of the College, it is said :

Every priest - student " puts , if necessary, provide their skills and expertise for the smooth functioning of the College, making himself available to perform any services for the benefit also of the priestly community " (n. 19).

In particular, it is required of every priest to give help to rev . Sisters, in the daily rearrange the refectory and the kitchen after lunch and after dinner, and pay with alacrity and generosity , his work for any other services needed for the smooth running of community life.

About the dress:

And ' strongly recommended the use of the garment, or the clergyman , especially during the liturgical gatherings Community . In any case, the priest , in community meetings and communal meals in the refectory, undertakes to have appropriate clothing , such as putting your shoes ( no flip flops or athletic shoes ) and shirt.

About the prolonged absences from the College :

Excluding the Christmas holidays - Easter - Summer , as well as ministerial commitments weekend agreed with the Professor , Rector authorize , for every priest , an output of the weekend quarter. For more absences from the Board , except in exceptional cases , even the priest will be asked to consent to their own Ordinary .


(Approved in 2006 by the Supervisory Commission and the Episcopal Conference Lombarda)

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