Collegio San Carlo Roma

International Ecclesiastical College Of St. Charles Borromeo



We proceeded to the Basilica, the consolidation of the structural parts, the re-roofing, restoration and renovation of the entire apparatus pictorial and decorative.

Every part , every component has been involved : the main facade and side walls , the apse , the dome and cupolas , the covers , the crypt and other underground areas , the presbytery chapels , transept , nave central and aisles , the sacristy , the weekday chapel , the museum , the electrical system inside and outside, the microphone system , organ, wooden furniture , the floor ... it can be said with quiet certainty that there is centimeter of the Basilica that has been invested by the intervention of consolidation and / or restoration .


" Domine , Dilexi Decorem tuae domus ": " Lord, I have loved the decor of your home ."
And ' This is the first and main criterion that guided the intervention of consolidation and restoration work which involved the Basilica, in all its parts. This criterion is written , so striking and majestic, above the central door , inside the Basilica , and was placed there by those who in the seventeenth century they built the Basilica to witness and a reminder for them and for future generations.
The second key criterion in making this intervention was that of respect for what they have achieved , with great sacrifice and with great faith, previous generations and , in particular, the original project implemented by the builders of this beautiful Basilica on the occasion of the canonization of zealous Pastor Archbishop of Milan : S. Carlo Borromeo. Just to make the most of this criterion , it has not hesitated to involve the various bodies responsible for the protection and enhancement of monuments ecclesiastical religious authorities (in particular the Vicariate of Rome and the Italian Episcopal Conference ) , various state Superintendents under the Ministry of Heritage cultural , many companies competent in various fields, workers of all kinds (architects, engineers , restorers, ponteggisti , carpenters, blacksmiths ... )



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